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What does everyone need to know about vitiligo? Renowned author’s answer to this most difficult of questions uniquely combines the hard-won knowledge of traditional medicine with the stunning revelations of the cutting-edge scientific research.

In this exciting new book, Yan Valle – author, campaigner and CEO of Vitiligo Research Foundation – will guide you through symptoms and root causes, decipher medical jargon, explore possible treatments, and suggest changes in your lifestyle and environment, so you can choose the proper therapy for yourself or knowingly abstain from it. 

Available in English, Spanish and Russian.

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About the Author

Yan Valle is a writer, vitiligo spokesperson and strategist.

Yan has written extensively on skin research and care, including numerous peer-reviewed publications, benchmark studies, and reports. He has also been a keynote speaker at many dermatological conferences. 

As a patient since around six years of age, Yan has gone through every common pitfall known to a person diagnosed with vitiligo: misdiagnosis, years of non-treatment followed by bursts of mistreatment, self-prescription and self-medication, to name a few. 


As a professional, Yan went from nearly three decades in the high-tech and business development sector to become Chief Executive Officer of the non-profit Vitiligo Research Foundation, based in New York, USA.


Now Yan is actively involved in improving quality of life for those affected by this neglected disease at VR Foundation and the United Nations. 


A frequent lecturer, Yan also serves as an visiting professor at the University of Guglielmo Marconi in Rome, Italy.  



A No-Nonsense Guide To Vitiligo is comprised of three sections: Body, Environment, and Treatments. Of course, there is overlap across the sections, as they are interdependent. In fact, you could think of the three as a tripod, upon which any treatment is balanced. One needs all three to have any lasting result in treating vitiligo - or indeed any other condition. 

A half of fifty seven bite-sized chapters recounts a conversation or situation that author has been a part of as CEO of VR Foundation. Real-life examples are used to illustrate different vitiligo treatment scenarios, common treatment mistakes and ways to correct them. 

We will review common types of vitiligo and its triggers, explore first-, second- and third-line treatments, camouflage and depigmentation tools, supplements and their applicability. 

Buy this book and you will: 

  • Save the countless hours spent searching the web for information, only to realize most of it’s worthless.

  • Save all the time and effort spent on seeing non-specialist doctors who can’t help you.

  • Save the thousands of dollar spent on bogus supplements, snake oil cures and confusing research papers.

Just some of topics covered inside:

  • How to detect early signs of vitiligo.

  • The common household items you must avoid.

  • The link between vitiligo and other diseases.

  • The environmental factors and stress-related issues that can cause vitiligo. 

  • The truth about treatment options and which is best for you.

Who should buy A No-Nonsense Guide To Vitiligo?

  • Patients who want to know more about their condition and how best to treat it.

  • People with a friend or relative who suffers from vitiligo and want to understand how to help and support them.

  • Druggists and medics who want to boost their vitiligo knowledge.   

So grab your copy and get ready to find out the hidden truth about vitiligo.


Now available in ebook or paperback through Amazon, for Apple gadgets through iBooks, for Android gadgets through Google Play, and for all kinds of ebook readers through Smashwords.


Print Length: 232 pages

Print Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.6 x 8.5 inches

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praise for the book

Yan Valle is the person to listen about vitiligo.

Lee Thomas, Fox2 TV anchor and 4x Emmy award winner. Author of Turning White and vitiligo spokesperson


"This ambitious book is about how to help ordinary patients understand and manage their skin condition. Everyone interested in vitiligo should absolutely read it."

Prof. Torello Lotti

Rome (Italy)

"A smart, accessible book that takes a look at the whole body and its environment to understand the disease, treatment tools and protocols, and well worth the price."


Prof. Robert Schwartz

Englewood, NJ (USA)

"This is an insightful journey from a patient perspective into the trials and tribulations of living with vitiligo. The author integrates in a flawless form social, medical and psychological burden of living with vitiligo. It is truly the most complete and essential guide to living with vitiligo."


Prof. Andy Goren

Irvine, CA (USA)

"This book is rare. It looks at vitiligo with an insider’s knowledge, wisdom and deep caring about patients.


Ogo Maduewesi, VITSAF

Lagos (Nigeria)

"I love how easy to understand and comprehensive it is - something definitely lacking in the vitiligo community today."


Erika Page, Living Dapled

Baltimore, MD (USA)

"I must congratulate author on the achievement and contribution he made for public awareness of vitiligo. Its a wonderful book. Both patients and professionals  will benefit from it.


Prof. Xing-Hua Gao

Chenyang (China)

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